Diving in Bintan with Tasik Divers

Diving at Bintan comprises mainly of healthy coral reefs and sandy bottom, home to many reef fishes, schooling fishes, cuttlefishes, octopi, turtles, soft and hard corals.

Christmas Tree Crab

During the main season, the waters are calm and clear and provide great locations for discovery dives and dive training. In the off season where the currents pick up, drift dive through clear waters by following the seasonal currents. Bintan is diveable all year round, however in the months of December to February, the conditions are more suitable for experienced divers.

Diving at Bintan is usually done in small groups from speedboats. We dive in nearby sites as well as further out to Mapur Island in the east. Most sites are within 15 minutes speed boat rides away and for the morning dives, we often conduct our surface intervals on nearby islands or on comfortable "kelongs" (houses on stilts above the water) in the area for a light snack and a drink. Typically we do 2 dives in the morning before returning to the resort for lunch and rest. If a 3rd dive or night dive is booked, we will complete that dive and return to the resort after each such dive. This means you get to enjoy and relax as much as possible in between or after your dives!

Baby Torpedo Ray
Whip goby with eggs
Candy Crab

Dive Courses

PADI Dive Courses

At Bintan, we teach all basic PADI courses up to Divemaster. Further you can do your speciality in Nitrox, Deep, Night, Wreck, Underwater photography in some of the surrounding sites. Dive safety courses like oxygen provider and emergency first response are also possible.

About Tasik Divers Bintan

We are a dedicated group of dive professionals who understand what divers enjoy and appreciate. We strive to provide safe and enjoyable dives whenever and wherever you dive with us. We operate across Indonesia at places like Manado, Bali and Derawan. Many of our guides are trained in Manado and Lembeh where we have operated the Tasik Ria Resort/Tasik Divers for many years.


Monica Undap
Monica Undap

Monica Undap

Originally from the highlands of Tomohon in North Sulawesi, Mon started her life at Tasik Ria Resort over 10 years ago.

At first she was in the admin team. The dive operation saw her potential and persuaded her to change careers. Freed from her desk, she very quickly adapted to her new role in diving. She rose through the ranks was trained up to PADI Dive Master, where she brought her unique style, technique and personality to the fore.

Not one to be constrained, she rose up through the PADI system, final qualifying as an Instructor several years ago. It has to be put into perspective here that when she qualified she was one of only 5 or 6 female Indonesian PADI Instructors...in the entire nation!

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